Life Lesson for kids, from Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam’s Life

Life lesson for kids are inevitable to build their character. The very mention of the name Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam is enough to inspire anyone. The legacy of the ‘People’s President’ continues to live on through this speeches and writings. Let us take a look at some of the life lessons that we can learn from the great man’s life.

Simple living:

The ‘People’s President’ was the very epitome of simplicity. He was the best example for simple living, if ever there was one. Even though he had achieved great heights in his life, he was to remain a simple man throughout his life. This is an invaluable lesson that everyone needs to learn from Dr.Kalam’s life – An intellectual journey.

Single minded devotion to achieve dreams:

To dream and work hard towards achieving those dreams was a recurring theme in the great man’s speeches. His life itself was an example of single minded devotion. This great man’s dream is BIG.

Work hard towards achieving your goals:

Dr.Kalam’s life was an example for what hard work can achieve. He rose from very humble beginnings to become the President of the country, through sheer dent of hard work. Whether it was a young boy studying in his hometown, Rameshwaram, or later on in his life, the ‘Missile Man’ Dr.Kalam’s life was synonymous with hard work.

Always be humble:

Even though he may have risen to the post of President of India, Dr.Kalam was always humble. He was a picture of humility. He was polite to everyone. This trait of being grounded whatever may be your achievements is something that once again holds a great lesson for every one of us.

Radiate positivity:

One thing that is always remembered about Dr. Kalam are his remarkable oratorical skills. Learn to develop oratorical skills. Again one thing that was the common undercurrent in all his speeches was the positivity, the sunny side of the life. He always had a childlike smile on his face. Every word that he uttered was an inspiration. He was forever motivating the younger generation towards doing great deeds for the country. This positivity, in thought, speech and deeds is the another key life lesson for kids that can be learnt from the great man.

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