How to remain hydrated this summer? – A few handy tips

Be hydrated this summer ! Ah! Summer time is here.  It is the time of rising mercury levels. However, even with the sun beating down relentlessly, you can make sure that you are taking good care of your health by keeping yourself well hydrated. Here are a few handy tips to keep kids hydrated this summer.

Drink it up:

People have been telling us since ages, but we somehow don’t seem to follow. Yes, we are talking about drinking water at regular intervals of time. During summers you should not wait until you are feeling dehydrated to drink water. Kids especially should make it a point to drink water at regular intervals of time. This is because they are generally more active and play a lot. If they find water bland, then there are a few things that parents can try. Why not try out fruit or vegetable juices? From lemon to sweet lime, carrots, apples, to oranges and beets, there is a wonderful variety of fruits and vegetables juices that can help keep your child hydrated during this summer. Of-course How we take this precious substance for granted ? It is more important during this summer right…

Snacking on water rich fruits and vegetables:

If it is snack time, then make sure that your child has some snack whose water content is good. Take for example, watermelon. Now, we all know the water content in watermelon. Similarly, there are other fruits and vegetables that can help. Cucumber for example is a good choice during summers. Kids are known to love the taste of cucumbers. Similarly, celery or even tomatoes are known to be good choices.

Tweak your routine:

Yes, as parents we all know how difficult it is to keep children indoors during their summer holidays. However, it is best to avoid the sun during the mornings and afternoons and shift their play time to the evenings. They could be encouraged to engage themselves in indoor activities such as playing board games.

Dress appropriately:

If it is summer time, the right attire are the loose fitting ones. It is best to avoid tight fitting clothes. Similarly, you can also a add an accessory in the form of a wide brimmed hat when outdoors. You can also carry an umbrella if the weather is really scorching to protect yourself from getting dehydrated.

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