Child care tips from the best CBSE School : Why is it not OK to hit a child?

Child care tips from the best CBSE School : Why is it not OK to hit a child? One of the key reasons why hitting a child is just not done is because it teaches a child that hitting or violence is the only way to correct a person, which is absolute rubbish. This is one reason why children should be encouraged to take part in sports and other team activities. This helps them to learn that it is perfectly okay for another person to think differently. These are perhaps their first lessons in conflict resolution.

Negative emotions could have an impact on children

Hitting a child could also lead to the child developing an inferiority complex that he or she is always doing something wrong. This could also lead to the child developing a rebellious streak. They could start hating their parents or elders in general. Remember, such lingering negative emotions could have an impact on children while growing up or sometimes even after that.

Best ways to deal with anger

Children always look up to their parents as being these perfect role models. As a parent it is important that you first learn to control your emotions. One of the best ways to deal with anger is to get away from the place. Yes, if you are feeling angry, then instead of losing control over yourself, try and get away from the place. Try talking to the kid, after you have calmed down.

Try the positive approach

Instead of hitting, try the positive approach. Once you have calmed down, try and get into the root of the problem. Find out why the child is agitated. Try and give him or her a solution. Teach them that getting into fights with other children or throwing temper tantrums is just not acceptable behavior. Teach them about the positive way to deal with such situations, right from a young age.

Give them a stern warning

There is nothing wrong in giving them a stern warning that such behavior is not acceptable. Once a child gets this message that good behavior will be rewarded and that the opposite will not be accepted, it would help set them on the right path. So, the next time around you feel like hitting your child, just take it easy for a while. Let your nerves calm down.

Hitting is not a solution

Try talking to the child. Give them a solution and calm them down. Remember hitting is not a solution. Instead, try giving them a warm hug or a gentle, loving pat on the back, telling them that your love for them is unconditional and that they need to mend their ways. It is sure to work wonders, strengthening the parent-child bond further.

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