Learning activities in CBSE Schools teaches life lessons to kids

Learning activities in CBSE Schools are good. Do do activities for kids to make them understand life lessons in a fun way. Yes, it is the most common misconception about the value of money. Not for nothing do they say ‘Money makes the world go round’. One look at the morning rush hour traffic and you will know the crux of what we are coming to say. Yes, money does play a key role in our lives.

The Rich Dad Poor Dad

However, have you ever wondered whether we have been taught enough about handling money from our young age? For example, did you get to learn about things such as the best investment options or the different kinds of savings schemes, when you were in school or college? It is ironical that in a world that is so obsessed with money, financial education is a topic that is very rarely discussed. The Rich Dad Poor Dad is one book that offers some valuable insights into managing finances. The author Robert Kiyosaki uses his personal experiences to come out with some very useful tips and clears a lot of misconceptions that people have about money.

Taking the right kind of investment decisions

For example, he clears the misconception that most of the rich don’t work hard. Similarly, he also explains the exact differences between assets and liabilities. He points out the misconceptions people have about what is an asset and liability. This understanding helps in taking the right kind of investment decisions. After all, at the end of the day it is the right kind of investments that earn you the money to become rich. Another important takeaway from the book is his point that one should work to learn rather than to just earn money.

Parents need to instill a sense of fiscal discipline

As mentioned earlier, financial education is something that is not often given the kind of importance that it actually deserves. Parents need to instill a sense of fiscal discipline in their children, so that they get to know about the importance of money right from a young age. Of course, the good old piggy bank is a good way to start this journey. They will get to learn about the importance of saving. Children in the higher grades need to be taught about spending money in a responsible manner.

Start with small steps

For example let them accompany you to the departmental store and get to an idea about the monthly household expenses. Remember, all these steps will contribute towards their financial literary, at a young age and inculcate in them a sense of fiscal discipline that is bound to help them in their adulthood.

Learning activities in CBSE Schools has galloped towards becoming the top choice for parents looking for the best atmosphere for honing the skills of their kids. Our sustained efforts in the school have made us the favored destination of parents among top CBSE schools in Coimbatore.

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