How to tell a child to stop crying? 5 positive phrases to say instead of saying “stop crying”

How to tell a child to stop crying ? There could be many reasons why your child may be crying. For example, there could be some underlying health issue. Similarly, there could be pent up feelings that the child may find difficulty expressing. There could be so many reasons. The communication that happens after that is what is going to help the child stop crying. Let us take a look at some of ways in which can put a positive twist to the communication.

It’s Ok. There is nothing wrong in crying:

Remember to show some empathy when a child is crying. Telling the child that it is okay to feel emotional and there is nothing wrong in venting out feelings, goes a long way in making the parent-child bond stronger.

What happened? Tell me maybe I can find a solution:

A child could be finding it difficult to express something inside him or her and therefore the crying. When you treat them with love and gently ask them about what is it that is troubling them, they are sure to feel better and stop sobbing.

Don’t worry. We are there for you:

The last thing that you should do in such situation is to scold the child. Instead take the positive route. Tell the child that we are there for you and no matter what our love is unconditional. This kind of communication is again a key to build trust in the child. These events and actions will make you to know…” How well do you know your child ?” Yes, of course it gives happiness when we make them to walk in the right way.

Let bygones be bygones. Come let’s play:

There is nothing like distraction to stop a child from crying. Bring out their favourite toys probably toy-car for boys and doll for girls or take them to a nearby park. This would definitely have a calming influence on the child.

Be patient. This too shall pass:

A crying episode may be in fact a good opportunity to teach a child about the importance of forgiveness and patience. Tell them that you can also genuinely feel their hurt, but whatever is happening is only temporary and pretty soon they will be their sunny self. These are the nice ways to know ” How to tell a child to stop crying ?”

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