How to take Right decisions at the Right Time ?

How to take right decisions ? Right decisions at the right time. How wonderful it would be if all our decisions were always to turn out right? But is it so easy? Yes, it would be provided you were to put in some efforts to inculcate the habit of positive thinking.

Remember, there are opportunities abounding and it is up to us to seize them. Developing a dynamic, proactive and positive attitude can make a sea change to a person’s life. There are some thought provoking insights shared on such aspects in ‘You Can Win’ by renowned author, Shiv Khera. 

Tips on developing the right kind of attitude

Shiv Khera has brought out the various benefits of having the right attitude in a very easy to understand manner in the book. In order to drive home key points the author has used examples and anecdotes. There are some excellent takeaways from the book.

Along with the tips on developing the right kind of attitude, Shiv Khera also talks about how there opportunities are waiting for us and the need for us to recognize them. To put it in a nutshell the book is a virtual treasure trove of knowledge in the self-help genre and it is not surprising that it is still so hugely popular even after so many years of publication.

Start off by giving them small responsibilities

As parents it is important that inculcate the habit of positive thinking and help our kids develop a positive attitude right from a young age. Parents can start off by giving them small responsibilities that will instil in them a sense of achievement. Parents also need to lead by example and see to it that they avoid any kind of negative talk at home.

They also need to ensure that they provide the right atmosphere for their kids to freely express their feelings to them. Remember all this will help develop the confidence in them to make the right decisions. For the young graders, just be a story teller and say bed time stories about great personalities and how they overcome obstacles could be an excellent way for them to get to know about positive thinking and its benefits.

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