A Closer Look at Different Learning Styles of kids

Different Learning Styles of kids, let us have a closer look on it. Parents and teachers are always thinking about ways to help a child learn better. Speed of learning has also become important in the competitive times in which we live in. Students are expected to learn quicker, without compromising on the quality of learning. But this is easier said than done. Several theories and models have been proposed by experts in the field of education to achieve these objectives. One of the most popular ones is the VARK model. The model by Neil Fleming, talks about four different learning styles – visual, auditory or aural, reading/writing and kinaesthetic.

The Visual Learner

The visual learner, is someone who believes in “seeing” and learning. They would typically prefer pictorial depictions, charts, dash boards, diagrams, etc. These would get their learning juices flowing. In the case of the auditory learners, it is all about listening. For them they would prefer attending classes, listening to podcasts, reading out aloud, etc. You then have the reading/writing learners. For them it is all about the text. They prefer creating presentations. They are all about writing notes. It is all about the written format for them.

Then come the kineasthetic learners. For them it is hands-on learning experience that matters. For example, if they are going through a lesson on a historical epic, they would like to enact a few characters themselves. Constant movement and gesticulation of hands are other characteristic traits of this type of a learner. Activity based learning is their cup of tea.

What is your child’s learning style?

So, what is your child’s learning style? Is he a ‘notes’ boy, constantly jotting down details? Is he into presentations? Does she spend hours reading? It is all up to the teachers and parents to identify a student’s innate preference. There could be times, when a student may prefer a combination of different learning styles too.

A multimodal approach

A multimodal approach would be the way forward for them. It is indeed difficult to straightjacket a learning style and say that it works best for all. However, it does help when a student is able to identify his or her preference or preferences, as the case may be. It would help them to tailor their learning strategies accordingly.

In the School, we provide the ideal atmosphere for students of all age groups to develop their learning abilities. As one of the premier CBSE schools in Coimbatore, our teachers are always keeping a tab on the preferences of different Learning Styles of kids. They also interact with the parents, discussing with them about the various learning methods, lessons, activities, and the performance of their kids, etc., at regular intervals of time.

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