Lets make the day truly memorable, The Farewell

Student Farewell are always difficult. More so in the case of school farewells. This is because school is where we tend to spend a good majority of our time growing up. It is in school that we build long lasting friendships. So, it is but natural that we feel emotional when we have to say goodbye to our close buddies. Plus, it is also about the attachment to the school itself. The building, the teachers, the ground, canteen, almost everything associated with the school suddenly becomes difficult to leave. Just to imagine that we would be wearing that uniform for one last time, is enough to well up our eyes with tears. But a student farewell in school is inevitable. Why not celebrate all the good time that we had at school? This is where the junior graders take over. After all, they are the ones who would be in charge of arranging for the farewell to their seniors.

The Farewell mementoes

It does take a lot of meticulous planning to make a school farewell a truly memorable affair. It is one mighty show of teamwork. Students need to divide themselves into teams, with each one taking care of a particular task. For example, there could be a team which would be taking care of the snacks. There could be yet another that may need to take care of the decoration. Yet another one may be dealing with planning the various items that would make up the farewell party. There could be yet another that may have to get the farewell mementoes. After all, what are farewells without mementoes?

Collect the contact details of all your friends

While that was about the hectic work that juniors will have organizing the event, the ones who are bidding farewell from the school too need to put in some effort. The first thing that needs to be done is to prepare a nice farewell speech. Make it short and sweet, for there will be a lot of students who will need to speak. Be ready with your favorite dress for the day. Finally, make sure that you collect the contact details of all your friends and promise them that you will keep in touch with them in the future.

Nurture creativity and leadership skills

As one of the most preferred CBSE schools in Coimbatore, at The Camford School, our teachers make effort to nurture creativity and leadership skills in our students right from the younger grades. These skills come to fore whenever a student farewell party or for that matter any event, has to be organized. With the help of the teachers and other staff, they ensure that everything goes off perfectly and the day lingers on in the memories of every one of the participants, for years to come.

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