Are children more intelligent than adults?

Kids are really more intelligent than adults ? Picture this. You are sitting in your living watching a nail biting finish of a T20 cricket match. Suddenly something goes wrong with the smart TV. You try pressing every button on the remote, but to no avail. You feel like tearing your hair up. Just then you get an idea. You call your son, sitting in the neighboring room, a fourth grader and hand over the remote. A few clicks, and loo and behold, the smart TV whose features you took pride in, is alive again!!! This leads you to think for the umpteenth time, whether children are really more intelligent than adults.

Curiosity factor makes them explore different things

Children by nature are known to be curious about everything. Whether it is plants, their toys or at play, this curiosity factor makes them explore different things. They want answers for almost everything that they experience. They are forever asking their parents questions. Especially when they travel they ask so many questions you know…it means they learn through their travel.

The uncluttered mind

One thing that is running in favor of kids is their relatively uncluttered mind. We adults have a zillion things going on in our minds. From thinking about the next home loan EMI, to the boss reminding you of a deadline, to a million other issues, there is a lot going on in adult’s minds. Whereas kids have the advantage of a relatively uncluttered mind, which is open to exploring out of the box options since it is not worried about the end result.

Whether kids are really more intelligent than adults ?

The jury though is still out on whether kids are really more intelligent than adults. For example, in a stressful situation adults are able to keep their wits about them, think in a calm manner and then take a decision. Can kids do that? A point to ponder. A lot of research has been and will go on in this field, as researchers unravel the fascinating mysteries of the human mind.

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