Child Prodigies of India – Identify talents in a child

Identify talents in a child ! People around the world have always been fascinated by child prodigies. Now, which parent does not want their child to be gifted and talented? It is but natural for parents to desire that their child excels in academics, as well as other co-curricular activities. However, it is also true that nature has got its own ways. Not everyone is created equal.

Exceptional talent in a particular field

While there has been a lot of research done and going on to find what makes child prodigies so special, there is seemingly no definite answer to the question. Why do some children show such exceptional talent in a particular field, at such a tender age? Well, we can just shrug our shoulders and say, “that’s what makes them a child prodigy”, at the end of the day.

Child prodigies, almost in every field

There are examples of remarkable achievements of child prodigies in almost every field. It’s not that child prodigies are a recent phenomenon. There have been examples of child prodigies from the ancient times. Let us take a look at some of the modern ones. Chess is one field, where we have had many, Chess is easy when you know the tips to move chess coins. It all began with the arrival of Viswanathan Anand, one can say. Known as the ‘lightning kid’ in his younger days for his rapid style of play, by the time he entered his teens, at age 15 became an ‘International Master’. By 16 he was India’s national chess champion.

Ramesh Babu Pragganandhaa is another name that immediately comes to mind as soon as we talk about chess and child prodigies. He became an International Master at the tender age of 10 and a Grandmaster aged just 12. Then you have the famous Sachin Tendulkar. His exploits in school cricket became national news during his young age. This child prodigy would make his Ranji debut by the time he was into his teens in 15 and remarkably his test debut as a baby faced 16 year old. His exploits in the cricketing world are known to everyone. Because of these talented kids the field of Sports / games have become popular among people besides the benefits of sports.

‘Google Boy’ is another good example

Just like the genius Mozart in earlier times, who was a child prodigy, closer home Lydian Nadhaswaram, is a name that has been creating waves with his composing and piano playing skills, from a very young age. He had famously won the CBS’ The World’s Best show in 2019. Kautilya Pandit, popularly known as the ‘Google Boy’ is another good example of a child prodigy. From mathematics to current affairs and geography, the boy’s talent is nothing short of amazing. Similarly, one can quote several examples of child prodigies who have emerged from our country. The list is pretty long.

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