Do you want to become a businessman or an entrepreneur?

How to become an entrepreneur ? One of the most common words that we hear nowadays is ‘start-ups’. You can find the word literally everywhere these days. You flip open your morning newspaper and you can find the word. Reams of pages have been written about how India’s start up ecosystem is getting stronger by the day. We also keep hearing that this or that entrepreneur is the brain behind a successful start-up.  The very mention of the word entrepreneur and a good majority of us tend to equate it with the word ‘businessman’.

Key differences between the two

While both the terms may look similar, there are some key differences between the two. Firstly, a businessman is someone who takes up a tried and tested business, whereas in the case of an entrepreneur it is different. Entrepreneurs are someone who come up with a new idea or an innovative product. One of the key differentiating factors in the case of entrepreneurs is that they are more likely to take risks. Generally speaking, failures don’t deter them from trying out new initiatives. The other characteristic trait in entrepreneurs is their ability to think out of the box. It could be in their marketing, product promotion or advertising strategies, etc. They are also known to have a flexible approach and don’t hesitate to change strategies if things are not working according to their wishes.

More process and profit driven

In the case of businessmen, they usually tread a proven path, where generally lesser risks are involved. They have a team of professionals working for them, taking care of different functional areas of the business.  Broadly speaking they are comparitively averse to taking risks and are more process and profit driven.

While these are some of the key differences between entrepreneurs and businessmen, at the end of the day they are both doing business and there are areas where there could be overlapping of some of the characteristic traits of the two too. So, what is it that you want to become, a businessman or an entrepreneur!?

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