Quality education is a privilege- A realization

Do we realise the privilege of quality education ? There is no reemphasizing the importance of education. Reams of pages have been devoted to the topic of importance of education. It has the power to open up several avenues of opportunities. It helps improve confidence and self-esteem in children. It provides means to livelihood and helps improve quality of life. Like this there are a several benefits of education. This is the reason why quality of education matters. Yes, “quality” is the keyword here. Every school management puts in a lot of efforts towards ensuring this aspect. Similarly, the concerned government departments are also putting their best efforts towards this end. Let us take a few steps that can be taken by the respective school managements to ensure that children are provided with the best possible atmosphere for learning.

Smart classrooms:

One of the game changers in the education field recently has been the advent of smart technologies. Smart classrooms have become a reality. They enable enormous learning and teaching opportunities for children and teachers respectively. With them teachers can teach complex concepts in easy to teach methods, where students are also able to understand them easily. There is no doubting the fact that smart classrooms add enormously to the quality of education.

Training teachers:

All said and done teachers are the lifeline of any school. Training of teachers therefore assumes importance. These days there are facilities available to put them through training programs, at regular intervals of time. This helps keep them updated with the latest in the line. The advent of online training programs has come as a boon too, for it enables teachers to learn at their own pace and convenience. All this learning automatically translates into quality delivery in the classroom.

Overall Infrastructure:

The importance of good infrastructure is another aspect that contributes a lot to learning. For example, we have already seen the importance of having smart classrooms. Similarly, there should be well equipped laboratories for students to learn the different concepts in science. Of equal importance is having sports infrastructure. We all know how sports plays a key role in the development of a child’s personality.

Extracurricular activities:

While there is no denying the importance of academics, what is also true is that schools also need to pay attention to extra-curricular activities / club activities for kids. These activities again help a student to learn many things whether it is about culture, team work, leadership, etc.

Regular interaction with parents:

This is another key part of ensuring good quality standards in a school. Parents benefit because teachers share regular feedback about their wards. Similarly, the school and teachers benefit from the feedback of the parents. They can implement some very good suggestions from the parents. These interactions therefore add to improving the overall learning atmosphere in a school.

At the School the entire team puts in unified efforts towards providing the best possible atmosphere for learning. It is not surprising that today our school is considered among the top CBSE schools in Coimbatore.

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