How to achieve your goal ? A Journey Towards Your Dreams

How to achieve your goal ? If you were to take any great achievement, its seed would have been a small thought in the mind of the person who achieves it at the end. That is the kind of unique power that we as humans have and that is what separates us from the other species. We can dream and then plan and work towards realizing our dreams. ‘The Alchemist’, from Brazilian Author Paulo Coelho has some interesting bits of writing related to such aspects.

First step – Goal setting

As mentioned earlier any major achievement starts off with a thought. However, it is how the person uses all his energy and talent towards achieving the goal that matters. The first thing that anyone needs to realize their dream is to have firm belief in what they are doing, as Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam said Dream, dream and dream. This is in fact, the first step involved in goal setting. There are many who also believe that if you feel that a goal seems too daunting to achieve, you can always break it down to smaller goals.

Believe in your goal

Once you have the belief in your goal, the rest of the things are dependent on the kind of work that you put in. Remember, nothing comes easy in the world. You will need to work hard towards achieving your goals. You should be prepared to overcome any obstacle that comes your way. It is all about how you surmount your challenges and come out a winner.

Santiago’s adventure, following a dream

The book about an Andalusian shepherd named Santiago has several inspirational lines penned thoughtfully by the author. The book makes for interesting read following Santiago’s adventure, following a dream. His dreams take him on an adventure to the Egyptian pyramids. He meets a lot of characters on his journey such as Melchizedek, a king, an alchemist and a girl named Fatima. A good line from the book is “And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it.” Similarly, there is another line which talks how fear of failure is one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve. These are all so true for they talk about how important hard work and positive thinking is important for achieving goals in our life and realizing our dreams even If You Don’t Know How to Get There

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