Can music increase visual, motor attention and mathematics skills in children?

Can music increase maths skills or visual or motor skills in children ? Yes, Music always had its connection with studies. Take for instance mathematics. After all words like half note or quarter note, are often used in the musical context. Then there are the beats. They have such a mathematical rhythm to them. Surely, there is a connect. But does learning music make us good at maths? Does music help in increasing visual, motor attention like gross motor skills and fine motor skills of children and mathematical skills?

Magic of music

Music does make learning fun. This is especially true in the case of young graders. Who can forget all those rhymes, one for my little master who lives down the lane or one two buckle my shoe. These rhymes have remain so fresh in our memories even during adulthood. They were our initiation into the world of mathematics. This is the magic of music. Once you connect a rhyme to a number, there is no way you can forget. Not only maths, almost any subject becomes fun once it is combined with music. Another good example is young kids learning alphabets and words. There are tens and dozens of rhymes available for the purpose. While the debate whether music makes us good in studies can go on, there is no doubting the fact that music can make learning fun in many ways.

Jury is still out on the topic

Then there is the other question that many ask. Can you study while simultaneously listening to music? Is it helpful? Well, the jury is still out on the topic. Music while actually studying could act as an unwanted distraction, but it is ultimately an individual choice.

A good stress buster

However, listening to music, could help you later on when you sit down for study. Listening to music is known to soothe minds and also lift moods. Listening to musical patterns or rhythms or learning music is said to improve memory. Similarly, music is known to be a good stress buster. All these factors can help one to improve concentration. In younger children, learning while singing rhymes, dancing along and playing, is said to improve motor attention span, as well as visual awareness. Simply, Music is a no cost medicine. Hope we have got answer for the question ” Can music increase maths skills or visual or motor skills in kids ? “

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