Butterfly effect On Kids

Education in CBSE Schools and its pedagogy has been one of the many ways in which knowledge (gaining the perspective) has been shared with kids.

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Perspective, the word’s been tatantalizing humans for about a millennium; what ‘if’ things had gone the other way round, what if the unfurling of events have not been the way it is now. What I have come to believe is that perspective is the panacea, fortitude for the tormented. Every single act matters. One random act of kindness can go a long way. One insignificant act might cause endless ripples of positivity that might have touched the worlds of many. To gain, perspective is a quest for many and to teach to gain perspective is a colossal task, but once conquered the effect is sustainable, it stays forever, nurturing forever.

Education in CBSE Schools and its pedagogy has been one of the many ways in which knowledge (gaining the perspective) has been shared to kids, enabled them to survive on their own, taught them to leave their nests and widen their horizons in the way that they seem acceptable. The pivotal point here being the teaching that is being imparted, pragmatic ways of learning, which topples the first-ever domino that might create the ripple later but toppling the first-ever domino is the first act of the magic that unfolds and the triumph (of early leaner) is the prestige, yes..regular practice does make perfect and also paves way to success. The magical act has its three acts and the final act is prestige.

Education in CBSE Schools

The butterfly effect in scientific terms means ‘the sensitive dependence’, everything is connected in this world, by this invisible tether and one small change in a place may bring about a drastic event in altogether a different place. Thus everything matters, when it comes to the child, a small incident might stay in its subconscious and that might lead to catastrophic result later in his/her life. Thus one has to be very careful when it comes to dealing with kids, especially sensitive ones. Delicate ones are like those nuclear ammunitions, land mines, one missed step and there it goes boom. Thus the importance of imparting knowledge to such kids becomes essential. One has to take that additional step, travel that extra mile to teach such kids. Education in CBSE Schools / CBSE Education fosters such facility which caters to all children, no one is ostracized here. Let the Tiny Tot Explore!!

Often life’s simple acts lead to the growing up of a person- in all its sense. The lessons he/she might have learnt due to a certain incident, the experience helps the child grow up and is able to survive, for it is a constant battle of survival of the fittest. Nothing can be cast aside by saying it is not important, everything is inclusive when it comes to the learning experience of the child.

The Butterfly is also the symbol of brevity, something that is very brief and concise. Acquiring life’s lessons within this short span of time is what is being addressed here. Teaching the kids to topple the first domino, kindling their enthusiasm to embark upon the intellectual journey, the push is what makes them the leaders- the butterfly effect. The small nudge here manifests in them to be this magnificent personality. It is here, we do constantly question the kids, ‘Who are you?’, like ‘Absolem’ in Alice in Wonderland and the children continuously seek to the truth and when they do they do transform in to this beautiful butterfly.

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