Early Learners (Mont I to Mont III)

We follow a balanced combination of Montessori method, Waldorf method and kindergarten method. We have designed our tailored curriculum which is a culmination of the above methods for teaching the early learners, which aims to incorporate multiple intelligences. Curriculum includes Math, English, EVS, and language along with P.E., music, dance, story-time, sing-along sessions, theatre, arts and crafts and field trips. The lesson blocks are horizontally integrated at each Mont level. In that the topic of the block will be infused into many of the activities in the classroom and vertically integrated in that each subject will be revised.

Keeping in mind that children at this age are mostly visual and kinesthetic learners, all the concepts are taught using Montessori materials and hands-on activities. We prioritise movement art usually accompanying spoken texts or music which includes elements of drama and dance. It’s designed to provide children and classes with a “sense of integration and harmony”. We focus on language development by practising listening and speaking skills through read-along sessions, story time, puppet shows, role play and theatre.

Fine motor and gross motor activities have been added in the curriculum which aid in the development of the smaller and bigger muscles of the child’s body. We have a well balanced mix of free play and guided play. For the practical understanding of the environment that we live in, frequent field trips are organised to various places.

Phonic method of reading enables the child to learn the sounds of the letters and put them together to read. Once they start to read, learning any subject becomes easier and independent.

Learning expo is organised twice a year during which the students showcase their learning in all subjects through hands-on activities. At the end of two years in kindergarten, they are well-equipped with the skills required to move on to Grade 1 with CBSE curriculum.

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