Games to play at home this summer

Games to play at home ! Its summer time once again! It’s fun time once again! Kids cannot wait to play all their favourite games. So, what are the games that they can play this vacation? Well, here is a list that includes some of the top choices for this summer.


Ways to improve your memory power. Chess has always been a popular game in Indian homes. However, the sport’s popularity saw a spurt after Viswanathan Anand became the world champion. There is nothing like a game of chess to test your logical capabilities.


Another favourite, especially during summer holidays in Indian homes for a long time now, carrom can be played for hours together. It is also a great way to meet up with your friends, form teams and enjoy a leisurely afternoon during your summer vacation.


Perhaps an all-time favourite, a game of business could last for hours together, making it a must during summer vacations. This multiplayer game is a great way to spend leisurely afternoons, chatting with friends, while at the same time improving your business skills.


Another favourite at Indian homes, the game continues to draw kids. Just roll the dice and have fun, this summer, with your friends, siblings and cousins, over a game of ludo.


Hopping on one leg and enjoying the time of our lives, ‘Nondiyattam’ is a game that almost every one of us must have enjoyed at a young age. Popularly known as ‘Langdi Tang’ in other parts of India, the game is also an excellent workout for developing strong legs.

Hide and seek:

This is one of the most exciting games to play at home. One of the most fun games to play. It is a game that almost everyone must have enjoyed playing when young. It becomes more fun during summers, which is typically holiday time for children. With hide and seek, the age old saying, ‘the more the merrier’ fits well. It is during the holidays with all kids in the neighborhood around, it becomes a truly fun game.


Indian kids have always been known for their prowess in Mathematics and what better way to spend time during summers than by playing Sudoku. These days you can find Sudoku in almost every newspaper. So, bring out the Mathematical geniuses like Sir Ramanujan in you while also having fun this summer.

Spell bee:

We keep Indian kids doing an amazing job at almost every spell bee contest that is held in different parts of the world. Apart from the fun part, there is nothing like a session of spell bee to improve kid’s English vocabulary.

Crossword puzzles:

Games to play at home. Wow! its great idea to improve reading ability! Open any leading English newspaper and you are sure to find a crossword puzzle. While they provide an excellent workout for the brain, they will also help develop your vocabulary in real quick time.

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