Regular attendance of students…A Day scholar or a homeschooler…. Which is the best option?

Regular attendance of students matters a lot in a day scholars schooling. This is a debate that has been going on quite some time now. Homeschooling as a concept is relatively new to India, but there is no doubt that its popularity is rising by the day. Both the concepts have their own pros and cons. Let us take a look at them one by one.

Day scholar

Pros: One big advantage with traditional schools is that there are qualified and trained teachers available for every subject. They also provide the ideal atmosphere to develop the socializing and inter-personal communication skills of students, for they have to interact with other students. Public schools also offer a lot of opportunities for forging friendships. More opportunities to participate in co-curricular activities and sports events is another plus point of traditional schools. This will make to get regular attendance of students in school sometimes. These schools offer another advantage in the form of offering an identity to students. They can always identify themselves with a particular school. Another advantage offered by the routine that is associated with a day scholar studying in a traditional school, ranging from getting ready to commuting and then coming back, doing homework, etc., helps in inculcating a sense of discipline and responsibility.

Cons: Since teachers need to handle a large number of students in a public school setting, there are chances that students may not get the kind of individual attention that they get in a homeschooling setup. Commuting is another major disadvantage in this day and age of increasing traffic. It is an unnecessary stress that students have to put up with on a daily basis. Traditional schools also cannot provide the flexibility offered by homeschooling when it comes to customizing the study schedule. Students here are expected to fit into a regimented schedule.


Pros: One of the biggest advantages with homeschooling is that a child can learn at his own convenience and pace. He can for example, try and focus more on a subject that he is not so strong in. Home schooling is like a customized education package. Yes, also no worries about the regular attendance of students in school at all. Another good thing about homeschooling is that there are relatively no distractions when you are studying, unlike in a traditional school atmosphere. There are no classmates to disturb you here. Plus there is also no stress related to the commute to the school and back, or the stress related to sticking to the routine of getting up early, getting ready for the school, basically sticking to a strict routine is not involved.

Cons: Socializing opportunities are less with homeschooling. After all there is nothing like a traditional school to meet a variety of other students and make friends. Homeschooling also means that any one of the parent has to completely take care of the child, sacrificing their own career aspirations. More often than not a single person could be handling most of the subjects, unlike the case with a traditional school where there are trained professional teachers are available for every subject. Homeschooling students also miss out on a lot of co-curricular and sporting activities, when compared to day scholars.

As we can see both the concepts have their own advantages and disadvantages. With respect to education, there is no one-size-fits-all concept available. At the end of the day, it is all about making an informed decision.

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