Why should we teach life skills to children?

Life skills to children ! One of the keys to success in any stream of life is decision making. Making the right decision, taking into consideration different factors is easier said than done. It is a skill that can be developed in a person with a little bit of tutoring. Kids should be taught from a young age about not acting in a haste while making a decision. This skill will help them make responsible choices once they enter adulthood.

Factors that influence the ability to think creatively

Almost every parent that you meet wants his or her kid to be the most creative. The ability to come up with new approaches is something that should be and can be developed in kids, for it will have a major impact both on their personal and professional life. There are several factors that influence the ability to think creatively. For example, kids should be encouraged to question if they find anything curious. Similarly, they should be encouraged to develop their logical, artistic and observational abilities, all of which will help improve their creative skills.

Importance of listening

Life skills to children ! Another important life skill that can be developed at a young age is assertiveness. Kids need to be taught about the importance of listening carefully whenever someone is talking to them. They need to be taught that this will help them make the right decision. This skill will help them to stand up to bullying. Assertiveness is a skill that they will require to express themselves freely, a skill that will help them throughout their future. Assertive skills will help improve their confidence levels. However, parents need to remember that there is a thin dividing line between assertiveness and arrogance. They should also teach their children about where to draw the line.

Having good communication skills

The importance of having good communication skills can never be over emphasized. Having good communication skills is a must for success in any sphere of life, whether personal or professional. It is an area for parents to focus on. Communication does not mean improvement of language skills. It involves much more. For example, the right body language, showing respect and having good listening skills, are all part of communication skills.

Improve mental resilience

Childhood is perhaps the most fun filled period in any person’s life, or so we thought, for there are times when a child could be going through trauma. It could be due to several factors such as bullying, anxiety of academic performance, family problem, etc. Teaching children about positive affirmations is an excellent way to improve their mental resilience.

Developing a ‘can do’ spirit

An optimistic outlook will develop in them the resilience to surmount challenges with confidence. Stress has become an almost integral part of our lives these days. While this is unfortunate, it is a reality of modern times. Coping with stress therefore is a skill that needs to be taught right from a young age. Having a ‘glass half full’ mentality, a positive outlook and developing a ‘can do’ spirit, are skills that need to be taught to children, that will stand them in good stead throughout their lives. Development of the life skills to children is very mandatory at their young age.

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