What is the right age for sports and extra-curricular activities to start with?

Know the right age for sports activities. Every parent wants their child to excel in every walk of life. Extra-curricular activities offer an excellent way for the holistic development of a child. There are scores of after-school activities that parents can choose from for their kids available these days.


The first question which comes to any parent’s mind is what is the right age for kids to start off with extra-curricular activities? When it comes to extra-curricular activities, there is no one-size-fits-all option available. First of all the activity should be age-appropriate and secondly, it should of interest to the kid. Usually, children get ready for such activities around the age of 4-5. There are a wide variety of activities ranging from singing, dancing, arts, sports, martial arts, etc., which they can choose from nowadays.


There is no denying the benefits of participating in extra-curricular activities. Socializing skills, for example, is developed in children since they need to interact with other kids. Similarly, participation in activities such as sports helps in promoting good physical health. Participation in activities related to arts is known to help in the developing their cognitive abilities. The ability to work in teams is another key skill that a child learns by participating in such activities.

Trial and error

Trial and error is the best method to find out the aptitude for an extra-curricular activity in a kid. So, don’t be disappointed if your kid does not find an activity to his or her liking. Talk to them and find out about their interests. Never make the mistake of choosing an activity just because others are doing so. Remember, no two people are born equals, not even twins, when it comes to their interests. Just because your neighbor’s daughter is a badminton prodigy (Child prodigies of India) does not mean that your daughter too needs to try out badminton. So, make sure that you find out the interest of the child and then decide on the right activity.

Let them be children

Children naturally have a tendency to observe and explore right from a young age. Take the case of toddlers. They would touch, feel and hold everything that they can find in a room. It is a way evolution has programmed us while growing up. That’s how we learn new things. This is something that parents should remember whenever they have decided to send a child to learn a new activity. Also know the right age for sports activities and extra-curricular activities to start with. Never make the mistake of choosing one activity too many. Let them not feel overwhelmed with different activities. Allow children to learn and develop in an unstructured way, the way nature intended them to.

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