Know the ways to Stop Procrastination and Avoid delays…

Ways to Stop Procrastination ! It is something that has happened to every one of us. Yes, we are talking about procrastination here. Whether it is a project, homework or study, it is so easy to say “I will do it tomorrow”. And what happens on that “tomorrow”? Work only piles up. To avoid this let us take a look at a few ways in which we can avoid delaying things.

Dangle the carrot:

Rewarding your kid whenever he achieves a goal is another way to help him develop a sense of self-discipline. Small things such as promising your fourth grader his favorite ice cream during the weekend, if he were to complete his latest science assignment or a trip to the nearby theme park if she were to complete a project in English, could go a long way towards delivering the message.

Lead by example:

As mentioned several times during our earlier blogs, parents are the best role models for kids and what better way to teach them something than by leading by example. You need to show them that you don’t delay things. When kids see their mom or dad working hard to complete either their office work or household chores, it sure does act as a necessary motivation for them to follow suit.

Importance of routine:

Ways to Stop Procrastination ! The role that a set routine plays in helping avoid procrastination cannot be emphasized more. Once kids follow a routine, it automatically helps strengthen their resolve and will power. So, make sure that if they have to complete their home work by 6 p.m. daily or get ready to school by 7.30 sharp, they are sticking to the schedule.

Teaching goal setting:

Teach kids to set small goals and achieve them. Tell them inspiring stories about great leaders setting goals and achieving them (Life lessons for kids from Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam). Let them know about the importance of having goals. Teach them how to break up a large goal into small ones. Parents also need to ensure that the goals are practical and achievable, especially in the case of very young kids.

Do away with distractions:

One of the best ways to avoid procrastinations by doing away with distractions. This is however easier said than done. Tell your kids that if it is homework time, then there should not be any electronic gadget lying nearby. They should also be taught from a young age about using electronic gadgets responsibly.

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