The Power of Habit – Astonishing Real Life Experiences

The Power of Habit ! Just come to think of it, a person’s overall personality is nothing but a sum total of his or her habits. Helping their kids develop good habits is therefore an important part of parenting (Know the right parenting style for kids). Remember good habits need to be developed from a young age. There have been many books with their own insights into how habits are formed and what are the things that we can do to develop good habits. One book on this topic has become an all-time favorite. Yes, we are talking about the popular ‘The Power of Habit’ from Charles Duhigg.

The Habit Loop

Charles Duhigg offers a fascinating insight into formation of habits. He uses a lot of examples, which make it easier for the reader to understand and implement them in their own lives. There are mentions about the connect between neuroscience and the formation of habits in the book. The author also discusses about the ‘Habit Loop’ and how it consists of three key bits namely, ‘The Cue’, ‘The Routine’ and ‘The Reward’ and how a person can change his habits based on them.

Apart from his valuable tips for individuals to develop good habits, he has also provided insights into how marketers have tapped into the Habit Loop to come out with strategies to bring about transformation in the habits of people, thereby increasing sales.

Develop good habits

While one can get some wonderful tips in the book to transform our lives for the better, as parents we need to remember that we act as the right role models for our kids, for them to develop good habits. We should make it a point to try and teach them about good habits right from a young age.

One of the best ways to start would be to make them get accustomed to a routine. Their routine would play a key role in developing their sense of self-discipline and developing good habits(5 ways to develop good habit in children), like going to bed early, as well as waking up early, having their food on time, devoting a particular time for studies, etc.

Parents should encourage children to spend time outdoors, for it will help them wean away from electronic gadgets (know your digital boundaries)and play so that it helps improve their health. They also need to be taught at a young age about healthy eating habits and the key role played by sleep in improving our health. 

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