6 Unbeatable Tips to Develop the Go-getter Attitude in Kids

How to develop go-getter attitude in kids ? One of the biggest wishes that parents have for their kids is for them to have a go-getter attitude. Kids with motivation, determined and ready to take on challenges. All parents want their kids to grow up into confident individuals who would achieve great things in their lives. Here are some tips using which you can help your child develop a go-getter attitude.

Accepting failure:

It is ironical that a person should learn to accept failure to be successful. A go-getter is more focused on the effort than worry about the final end-result. They know that failures are the steppingstone to success. What is important is to learn from failures, so that you don’t repeat mistakes again. So, if you want to be a go-getter remember not to get bogged by failures. Instead, develop a positive attitude and go for it!

Encourage perseverance:

A go-getter is someone who overcomes challenges without giving up. Teach that success will be theirs if they are ready to pay their dues. Let them learn that hard work pays. For example, your daughter is learning swimming. Chances are that she will find it difficult at first, but things will improve. The focus should be on encouraging them to put in the efforts, rather than on results. Let them learn the virtues of hard work (An inspiring story of hardwork). Remember, there is no better tonic for kids than a few words of praise from their parents. Of-course parents play a major role to develop go-getter attitude in kids.

Keep raising the benchmark:

Keep raising the standards. For example, your son had scored 30 runs in his last cricket match, ask him to aim for a 50 or more this time around. Raising the bar ever so slightly, will help keep motivate them to push themselves to achieve new goals. This approach builds confidence levels in children.

Allow them to explore:

Children are a curious lot. They are always observing what is happening around them. They like trying out new things. If you feel that a sport or activity is safe for your kid and they have a natural talent for it then let them give it a try. Tell them that overnight success is not possible in any field and that they will have to put in some efforts to come out on top. This encouragement will help build up their confidence levels when taking up new challenges (Key tips to improve self-confidence in kids).

Do what they like:

Let peer pressure not affect the choice of what your children want to do. For example, because one of your girl’s classmate won a badminton championship does not mean that you want her too to do so. Remember, everyone has got their own journey (An intellectual journey-Dr.Kalam). Everyone has got their own choice. It is not necessary that your girl too should be passionate about badminton. She may want to do something else. Allow them to follow their inner calling. Remember, they will put in that much more effort if they are doing something that they enjoy doing.


Children learn a lot of things needed to become a go-getter during play and it is the responsibility of parent to develop go-getter attitude in kids. For example, they will learn about working in a team. Play will be one of their earliest initiations into strategizing. Play teaches you to not to give up. It will also develop a sporting spirit. All these learnings play a crucial role to develop a go-getter attitude in kids.

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