Improve your reading ! The darkest cloud has got a silver lining !

Improve your reading ! Right from a young age you must have heard elders wanting you to look at the positive side of things (Positive thinking – The Sunny side of life.) That things are bound to change and even the darkest cloud has got a silver lining. The Last Stop on Market Street is a book that brings out this positive message so beautifully. The entire story is set in a bus. It is about the experiences of a young boy named CJ who is travelling in a bus with his Nana. The writing style of the book’s American author, Matt de la Pena and the illustrations by Christian Robinson make an easy read for kids.

Curious about almost anything

They say that if you care to take a look carefully every journey, however long or short, has got its own teachings. In this case, the short bus ride and the various things that follow are beautifully brought out by the author. The boy, just as the case with young kids of his age, is curious about almost anything and is constantly seeking answers from his Nana. There is something charming about the way the scenes that the boy sees both inside and outside the bus are described.

Group of hawks flying by

CJ comes across different people. For example, he is curious about a blind man who enters the bus. Similarly, there is a man playing a guitar seated near them. He sees a variety of things out of the bus. For example, he sees a group of hawks flying by. Then there are the cars that zip around the roads. It finally ends with the boy seeing a wonderful rainbow (The rainbow fish and where is the other half of the rainbow ? ) The boy is fascinated by how his Nana sees something good in everything.  All these scenes are vividly explained and are complimented by the cute illustrations.

The Wall Street Journey

The book which was released in 2015 has won several awards. Some of these include the Wall Street Journey Best Children’s Book in 2015, 2016 Caldecott Honor Book and 2016, Charlotte Zolotow Award Honor Book, to mention only some. Improve your reading. It makes you to learn new and interesting things.

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