Pride of India ! Extra ordinary heroes of our Indian Army

Pride of India ! Without any doubt soldiers are the pride of our nation. Remember, if we are able to sleep peacefully in the night, without a worry in the world, it is because of the bravery and valour of our soldiers, who are guarding our nation, day and night. A soldier’s life is that of courage and selflessness. It is a life of hardships and challenges but our brave soldiers are always ready to face any challenge with a smile on their face. Such is their patriotism.

Anyone who wants to join the armed forces (A gateway to armed/defence forces) should be ready for a life of discipline. The life of a soldier consists of a lot of tough physical training. They wake up early and partake in various different exercise routines. Similarly, they are also trained in obstacle courses that have been specially designed for the training of the armed forces.

Tough conditions

Working in difficult conditions is second nature to soldiers. For example, there are times when they are posted in places where they have to bear extremely cold conditions. Similarly, there are also times when they may have to serve in places where the conditions are opposite, i.e., extremely hot. A soldier happily serves in all these challenging conditions for the love of the motherland.

Soldiers are known to live far away from their families for months together. Theirs is a life full of sacrifices. We all know how difficult it is to stay away from our loved ones even for a short period of time. However, for a soldier, it is all part and parcel of their lives, as for them the call of the duty always comes first.

Helping fellow citizens

Apart from protecting the country from enemy invaders, a soldier’s service is also called upon whenever there are natural disasters too. For example, the kind of role that soldiers play during natural calamities like floods or earthquakes is exemplary. Just like on the battlefront, they risk even their lives to protect their fellow citizens. A salute to our Indian soldiers. A great pride of India !!

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