Tastiest water in the world ! The sweet elixir of Coimbatore – Siruvani water

Tastiest water in the world ! There are always certain things with which a city gets identified with. For example, Chennai is inseparable from the Marina beach. Hyderabad from the beautiful Hussain Sagar Lake. Mumbai from the Chowpatty beach and so on and so forth. What about Coimbatore? The very mention of the word Coimbatore, to anyone familiar with the city and the word which instantly springs to your mind is ‘Siruvani’. Reams of print have been devoted to the sweet taste of Siruvani water. So much so that everything from the pleasant climate of Coimbatore to the sweetness of the Kongu Tamil spoken in the region, almost everything is attributed to Siruvani water!

A bird’s eye of the surroundings

The Siruvani waterfalls, popularly referred to as ‘Kovai Coutrallam’ are located about 35 kms towards the western part of the city. The cascading waterfalls, which are fed by the Siruvani River, are a sight for sore eyes. The Siruvani River, by the way, is a tributary of the Bhavani River. The entire setting looks straight out of a picture perfect nature postcard. There is a dense cover of green trees. The sound of the gushing waterfalls is enough to get you excited as you slowly move trek towards the waterfalls. But before that there is a wonderful little viewpoint, from where you can get a bird’s eye of the surroundings. The lovely green canopy of trees is a perfect stress buster. One can also spot a variety of bird life in the region.

A fantastic view of the Western Ghats

The taste of the water is what makes it special. It is often attributed to the fact that the water flows through some dense and diverse vegetation. One can enjoy a fantastic view of the Western Ghats (Coimbatore – The gateway to Western Ghats) in the area. Go a little bit further away from Coimbatore to neighbouring Pallakad district and you can visit the Siruvani Dam there. This is another popular tourist attraction. Of course yes! The tastiest water in the world !

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