What makes a Happy School? For Teachers, Students and Parents.

What makes a happy school ? However old we may grow, however badly our memory may fail use at old age, if there is one phase of life that almost every one of us cherishes, it is our childhood and particularly the time we spent at school. Oh! If only time travel was possible and we could live those days again. There are many things that can be done to foster a happy atmosphere at schools. There are many steps that can be taken to make sure that a school becomes a happy place for the three key stakeholders involved, teachers, students and parents.

For Teachers

It goes without saying that teachers form the backbone of any good school (Who is a teacher and how to be a good teacher ?) Technology has come as a shot in the arm for the present day teachers. Smart classrooms are playing a key role in ensuring a happy teacher. Smart technologies help teachers to explain even difficult theories or concepts in an easy to understand manner to students.

Technology (Digital technology enable the perfect school campus) has helped classroom sessions becoming more interactive and interesting. Similarly, teachers are also playing a key role by designing activities that help children in the learning process. Yes, Qualified Teachers in Schools-The First Line of Defense!! Anyone who is passionate towards their profession would welcome any opportunity to upgrade their knowledge. This applies to teachers too. Training programs in key areas, at regular intervals of time is sure to keep them motivated and happy.

Regular parents –teachers meetings are another thing that helps contribute to a happy school. With teachers playing the role of a catalyst in children’s education, their feedback becomes crucial for parents for deciding on their future educational pursuits. These interactions also ensure that the child gets the best learning opportunities. After all nothing else can make a teacher happier, than finding that their students are happy.

For Students

A good learning atmosphere is what is bound to make a student happy. Teachers need to ensure that they are providing attention to every student. They need to take feedback from students from time to time and share details with their parents at regular intervals of time. Apart from the classroom teaching students other things that students love are cultural events, activities and sports. These days a variety of activities are available to help students in application based learning. Similarly, cultural events help bring out the innate creative abilities of students. Good sports infrastructure is another important thing which contributes to a happy school.

Another important thing yet oft neglected thing for students to remember is to take good care of their health. Remember, a healthy body automatically means a happy person. Make sure that you are disciplined with your lifestyle. Go to bed and wake up early. Have a well-rounded diet. Make sure that you keep all those electronic gadgets away and instead spend quality time in fresh air. This is guaranteed to add to your happiness levels.

For Parents

All parents like to be updated about the academic progress of their kids. Regular interactions with their teacher is something that they would make them happy. This way they would get to know the subjects in which their children are good and the ones where they need to put in some more effort. These days, thanks to the internet, parents are also kept up to date with all that is happening at the school. All the news about any cultural events, sports events or other activities are sent to parents in the form of regular newsletters. Parents are known to really appreciate such initiatives.

Parents should also make sure that they put emphasis on learning than just on marks. Plus make sure that you don’t let off too much steam if at all your child were to not perform to your expectations in an exam. Instead take the positive route. Tell them that they can always do better, provided they put in a bit more effort. After all, it is only when a child is happy that he or she would study well.

Keep the channels of communication with your child open at all times. Let the child not hesitate to share details about anything. Another thing that will make you both happy is to take a break! Yes, there is nothing like a refreshing break such as going to the mall, watching a blockbuster movie or a vacation for everyone in the family to recharge their batteries, strengthen bonds and most importantly, feel happy.

Stringent adherence to quality standards has been behind the rising popularity of the school amidst parents. We provide the ideal atmosphere for optimum learning making us a top choice among CBSE schools in Coimbatore.

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