Who is a teacher & How to become a good teacher ?

Teachers have always been held in high esteem, throughout the world in general and especially in India. Traditionally we have always placed teachers in a very high pedestal. And why not, for they play a crucial role in the learning and moulding of personalities of our future generations. So, what exactly are the traits required to become a good teacher? Let’s try and take a closer look at them, one by one.

Rapid advancements in technology

One of the first traits that a good teacher has is a genuine love for teaching. Just like any other profession, this is a career which requires a lot of hard work and passion. Teachers need to be constantly on their toes, reinventing and upgrading themselves, what with the rapid advancements in technology that are changing the teaching scenario, like AI in classrooms. Adaptability to changing trends is therefore something that a good teacher shows. For example, with the advent of Smart Classrooms, it becomes important for teachers today to be tech-savvy. They need to ensure that their tech education is updated.

Not prone to favoritism

Thirst for knowledge is another key characteristic trait observed in good teachers. They are always trying to learn the latest in their subjects, so that they can pass on the knowledge to their students. This constant update of their knowledge goes a long way towards making their classrooms sessions engaging too. A good teacher will also know that not all students are created equal.

Setting new benchmarks

They are not prone to favoritism and will pay equal attention to the needs of every student. They are all about positive vibes. They are constantly encouraging students, setting new benchmarks for them to achieve. A good teacher will also be a stickler to discipline and lead by example in this matter. A teacher is a good tool to identify the talents of kids, yes they help you to Discover the Legend in You

A good learner and a listener

While it is agreed that good teachers are blessed with excellent communication skills, what is also important is that they are also good listeners. Remember, the learning capabilities of no two students is the same. They therefore need to be someone who will ensure that all the students understand the subject. However, remember these traits are not the be all and end all of what a teacher should be, but are an overview of what a good teacher is all about.

Nature and characteristics of a teacher

Years may pass and teaching method may change, we may think and discuss about “Teachers in 2030- Essential Skills That a Future Teacher Will Have” but the nature and characteristics of a teacher still remains the same for years. Yes the in-built great quality of a teacher.

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