An excellent way to motivate children – The Camfestar twilight

How to motivate children ? It’s been said that you will have to get lost to find yourself. Camping is the answer. Life is best when one goes camping. Kids have just entered the ‘arena’ after a hiatus of nearly 2 years, they seemed to have adapted very well to the present scenario – ‘School’. Change is inevitable. The beginning is always today. Children are embracing this new perspective.

Camfester Twilight

To motivate them and to make them at ease and appreciate our new found freedom of stepping into the world per se, out of our confinement from our homes, a night of overwhelming joy, anticipation and delight was organized for the 4th graders. This event was conducted primarily for the kids to better acquaint themselves. ‘Camfester Twilight’ – the event was aptly called as twilight hovers right in between the day and night tantalizing , and being mesmerizingly beautiful.

Zumba & Freaky games

Kids enjoyed the event thoroughly; when the melody plays, your feet starts to mumble a new language called ‘dance’ and your soul is moved and one feels light – mellowed evening began with ‘Zumba’ and the kids gyrated for many a number. After shuffling and shaking a bit kids engaged themselves with ‘Freaky games’ that brought about their hidden talents. It did awaken their talents that were in deep slumber and kids excelled at it. Its all the way that how to motivate children and make them to relax and enrich themselves.

Fun with Art

Every child is an artist. ‘Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life’ says Picasso and the night can never be complete without a little rendezvous with art. Kids had the next hour of ‘Fun with Art’ wherein they made key chains featuring the first letter of their name. They did make a mark there. Let the tiny tots explore !

Taste Connoissuers

An Irish proverb states that ‘Laughter is the brightest where the food is good’. Camfordians had a taste of that as well. ‘Desserts are the fairytales of the kitchen’- Our little chefs made a lip smacking dessert out of the humble yet healthy bananas and biscuits. The purpose and existence of food does not materialize until unless someone tastes it and appreciates it. The sweet condiments that the little chefs prepared were well tasted and relished by out ‘Taste Connoissuers’.

Keats’s philosophy

Good Food nourishes the body & mind. Being one with nature and trying to understand the intricacies of it nourishes one’s soul. Camfordians had a silent conversation with nature, like heard melodies are sweet and those unheard are sweeter, true to Keats’s philosophy. Look  Deep into nature and then you will understand everything. Yes, Nature is the best teacher

A DJ Night

Camfordians called it a night after a DJ Night. School is not just classes and exams but the very place can give them a multitude of experiences of a different kind and Camfordians wouldn’t deny after a night of frolic. One has to move away from their usual path to get something new and refreshing. Such experiences makes one live a long life. This way makes that how to motivate children ? thats the school is one of the best CBSE Schools in Coimbatore. ‘Leave the road take the trails’ –  says Pythagoras. Camfordians had treaded the trails with utmost fun.

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