Attributes of a child’s personality

Taking care of the attributes of a child’s personality is a mandatory aspect when we grow the littles ones. It should be taught right from the young age.


Receiving compassion is one very good way of getting to know about compassion. Depending on the age of the children, they can also be encouraged to take up some kind of volunteering work. Teaching other underprivileged children, lending a helping hand in a camp organized to distribute food or other relief material, caring for their parents when necessary, are examples of some of the things that can help develop a strong sense of compassion in a child. Know the benefits of helping others.


Through group games we can teach kids about cooperation. Board games that require them to work together as a team are another great way to teach them about cooperation.  Make cooperation fun. For example, you can ask your children to join you during a weekend gardening project. Similarly, the entire family can get together for a project to clean and tidy up the children’s room.


Attributes of a child’s personality is just like all good positive traits parents need to model responsibility. A simple task or little responsibility brings a good impact on children. Kids also love to help. Let them take on responsibility. For example, the really young ones can be taught how to place snacks on a plate neatly. The teenaged ones (in their adolescence) can be taught to neatly iron and fold their clothes and keep them in their wardrobes. Remember, praising children for their responsible acts goes a long way in building their self-esteem.


It is important that we tell children that it is okay to fail. After all Rome was not built in a day. The best way to start with small things. For example, they can be given a deadline to complete a task. It could be completing a school project, learning a new language, learning to play cricket, etc. The trick here is to make them try an activity that is fun for the kids.


Let your kids prepare an activity chart, listing down the activities that they need to do in a day. Following a routine will help improve their levels of self-discipline. Never hesitate to praise any good behaviour.


Participating in games, sports and other team activities will help them understand that everyone has different talents which need to be respected. This will also teach them to realize that they too may not have certain talents and that it is perfectly alright..


One of the attributes of a child’s personality is to teach them about equality. Parents should set the right example by treating all their children equally at home. They should also be taught to follow the same principle. Let them be part of volunteer groups. For example, let them be part of a drive to distribute meals to the needy. Teach them that while they may be living a sheltered and privileged life, it does not mean that they are in any way superior to the underprivileged and that all are created equal. (Difference between privileged and underprivileged)

At the school, a lot of emphasis is placed on developing positive character traits in children, apart from the focus on academic knowledge. This has always been one of our key endeavours as a child centered CBSE school in Coimbatore.

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