Where is the other half of the rainbow?

Let us open up the creativity of kids imagination ! Think and guess the next movement in life. Very thrilling right…? Yes, it is. We being a leading CBSE School in Coimbatore encourage and help our students to bring their imagination live. We do certain activities which help them to explore their imagination.

People have always been fascinated by the thought of what is going on in someone else’s mind. Where is the other half of the rainbow, which remains hidden? Getting to know someone else’s perspective is something that kids can be taught through different activities.

Guessing about the next move… ?

For example, in sports such as tennis, cricket, soccer or board games such as chess, you are always second guessing about the next move that the opponent is going to make. A batter in a cricket match will always be looking at the field placing and try and play his shots in between the gaps. The opposing captain will be planning different strategies to get him out. Both of them would be trying to guess the other’s perspective and outwit each other.

Visualize different approaches

Similarly, during a game of chess, you will be trying to guess the strategies that the opposite player is adopting. You would then plan a strategy to tackle his moves. You visualize different approaches to beat the opponent player. In young kids, such sports or games help develop a sense of perspective.

Activities help in developing the sense of empathy

Activities such as skits and plays also help in similar way. Kids learn many things by getting into the skin of different characters. The key here to make such activities fun. These kinds of activities also help in developing their sense of empathy. Skits are also an excellent way to help kids overcome the fear of public speaking, as well as develop their language, vocabulary, communication skills, etc.

As the leading CBSE School in Coimbatore, we have designed several different fun filled activities which bring out the innate creativity of kids and talent of kids, apart from teaching them about things such as values, empathy, strategizing, etc., all of which would help them in their future.

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