Significance of career guidance

A lot of people tend to ignore the importance of career guidance for kids. This is the wrong kind of approach. It is never too early to talk about a career with a kid. Since they are young, they may often need your help and support to make certain career decisions. This hand-holding process often goes on till such time they start going for a job or even start their own venture. Best career guidance in CBSE School is given by the coordinator for the betterment of students.


A lot of times kids, after being bombarded with so much information on career, may feel confused about choosing a particular career path. This is when parents should step in and offer them full support.


Kids should always be allowed to follow their passion. Parents should never make the mistake of forcing them to choose a particular field. Often parents tend to make the mistake of forcing their kids to choose a field, just because they wanted to pursue it, but couldn’t.

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Don’t compare:

Peer pressure is a strong factor in choosing a career these days. However, there can be nothing more wrong than choosing a field, just because someone else has chosen it. Follow your inner calling when it comes to choosing a career, and it is sure to lead you on the right path.

Share your story:

Sharing your career story is another good way to teach kids. Tell them about the mistakes you made, the skills that you learned, the success that you had, etc.

Professional help:

These days there are professional career guidance experts available, whose help you can seek. They will evaluate your skill sets and advice you on the career path that will suit you best.

Career, not job:

Always aim for a successful ‘career’ after your studies, rather than just a ‘job’. This attitude is sure to help you go places in your career.

Be ready:

It is important that you are always improving your soft skills to have that competitive edge. Similarly, you should also realize the importance of proper grooming and communication skills to embark on a successful career journey.

As a student –centric best CBSE school, we at TCIS are always conducting activities, for students, aimed at career guidance. These activities help in building up their confidence levels and prepare them for a flourishing career.

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