Direct to mobile technology – A game changing technology

Direct to mobile technology, it is a game changing technology. It won’t be a misnomer to say that we are living in the day and age of convergence of technologies. A good example of this are our smartphones. In the good old days we would use a phone to speak to someone else. Similarly, we would have a broadband connection connected to a PC to use the internet. We would have a camera to shoot pictures or videos. Today the small little smartphone, which fits into your pocket does all this. In fact, life has become unimaginable without them.

Imagine life without a video content

Just imagine life without video content. It seems impossible, isn’t it? The advent of smartphones has meant that people are consuming more video content than ever. Whether it is watching the latest soap operas, movies or cricket matches on the go, it has become part and parcel of our daily schedules, especially in urban areas. However, what if someone told you that you could get video streaming and multimedia broadcasts on your mobile devices without the need for an internet connection? Direct to mobile broadcasting is no longer a figment of imagination. It is yet another example for convergence of technologies. It is a possibility that has got exciting possibilities. Yes, it has become possible with direct to mobile technology.

Benefits of the technology

The benefits that such a technology could bring are immense. For example, it can help compliment learnings at school and college levels, particularly in remote areas, where internet connection could be a problems. Students in such areas can get access to quality educational content. Similarly, farmers could get quality information on irrigation practices or weather forecasts based on which they can plan their crops. Such a technology can also be of great help in times of natural disasters, such as floods, earthquakes, landslides, etc. The technology can also help people to get access to quality news based content. We could just keep lining up the benefits of the technology.

Latest happenings in the field of communication technologies

As one of the top CBSE schools in Coimbatore, we are always striving to teach our students about the latest technologies. Our teachers make it a point to keep students updated about the latest happenings in the field of communication technologies. From informative AVs to podcasts, activities such as debates, essays and drawings, seminars and field visits to technology research centers, students are given a wide range of opportunities to learn about the latest happenings in the field of communication technology. Its all possible with direct to mobile technology.

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