A hobby a day keeps the doldrums away

An African proverb says thus, ‘If you want to go ‘fast’, go alone, If you want to go ‘far’, go together. None of us are smarter than all of us put together. Together one can achieve great success in life; togetherness is at the heart of achievement. Hobby clubs hone the child’s inbuilt talent, it kindles the unspent latent energy, it helps children cultivate their interests.

It is good to have a hobby

Helen Keller has said, ‘Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much’, thus coming together as a group or a club with the same itinerary where one can grow as a person, with someone to guide and take you by hand. It is said that one should find three hobbies, one to make money, one to keep you in shape and one to be creative, and it’s also said that when your life brings you down, your hobbies bring you up, so it is good to have a hobby and as it’s already been said clubs are a way to pool in the potential of many.

Hobby club helps the child build its confidence

These clubs are a panacea for a child who wants to belong, who wants to be a part of a group. A child might be ostracized among her peers at class and it embraces them to be with people who are compatible, it helps the child build its confidence and never gets sucked into the void.

Hobby club helps children cultivate their interests
hobby-clubs_CBSE_The Camford School Coimbatore

The School has many lively, zealous hobby clubs that help children cultivate their interests in the form of extra-curricular activities. The clubs help to bring out the best in kids, be it literary, theatre, science, even beauty, and hygiene. These clubs act as forums for the kids creative expression, give them on the field knowledge of farming, kids who are a part of eco-club they sow their own seeds and enjoy the fruit of their hard work. Eco club is the mother of all clubs as it caters to nature and conserving nature, the product is available and kids can take it home to relish it.

Hobby club kindles the unspent latent energy to spark the child’s mind

These clubs hone the child’s inbuilt talent, it paves the way for the child to come out of its shell without any inhibitions. The child might be holed up in an unreachable place, it bring them out in the open thus the child will redefine itself, rediscover the latent potential that had been in deep slumber, it kindles that unspent latent energy to spark the child’s mind. These clubs are an essential part of a school and The School’s hobby club poses to be the talent creator which shapes the identity of a child.

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