How hands-on learning for children helps in their development ?

Hands-on learning for children ! We keep hearing the term hands-on learning a lot nowadays. Perhaps if you look at it, hands-on learning is an evolutionary trait that you can find in almost every species. Whether it is pups, kittens, cubs, you name it and you can find a similar pattern in how the young ones of different species start their initial learning process. It’s all about exploration during their initial learning days with the elderly in the species providing the ‘hand-holding’ support.

An exploration spree

If one were to look at it, there are similarities which can be seen in humans too. For at a young age, we too tend to be curious about everything around us. We want to touch, feel, smell, and basically go about on an exploration spree. Toddlers are forever busy, buzzing with energy, discovering new things every passing day.

If you remember in an earlier blog we had discussed about the different learning styles for kids, i.e., visual, auditory, reading/writing and kinesthetic. Yes, we are going to take a closer look at the kinesthetic or hands-on learning part today.

A brain simulator

Activity based and hands-on learning for children is all about experiencing things. Kids use all their senses when they learn this way. They will touch, feel, see and hear. Hands-on learning for children is said to simulate brain functioning. It gives a chance for kids to experiment and see for themselves, which is considered a good way to learn, rather than just learning by rote. For example, learning alphabets through rhymes, while singing and dancing is a much more fun way to study.

Similarly, playing with building blocks or creating clay models of objects, are again good ways to learn. It gives children a chance to learn by trial and error, apart from making them more creative, which make you to know more of Creative Learning for My Little busy bee. And of course, it does help in building strength in their hands and improve their motor skills of both fine motor skills for kids and gross motor skills, all of which is very important, especially for young graders.

At the School, the emphasis has always been on offering students a mix of classroom and activity based learning sessions. The curriculum, infrastructure and quality of teachers is what has made us being counted among the best CBSE schools in Coimbatore.

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