Indian Air Force – An insight into a high flying career

Join NCC in school to get air experience and learn to fly aircrafts. There are very sights and sounds to beat than that of a jet aircraft passing by. Just the sonic boom of the Air Force fighter jets can send the pulse racing for an adrenaline junkie. However, one needs to remember that flying at that speed is not just about adrenaline.  An Air Force pilot also needs to be very intelligent. It takes a lot of discipline, hard work, and study. This combination is required for if you want to carve out a successful career in the Indian Air Force.

Remember, not everyone gets to become a fighter pilot in the Air Force. There are also other types of work that are done by cadets. There are Airmen for example, who take care of air and ground operations.

Air Force is all about modern equipment

It goes without saying that the Air Force is all about modern equipment. There are the aircrafts and helicopters. There are missiles. There are unmanned aerial vehicles. There is signalling equipment. Ongoing training ensures that the Air Force are ready for any kind of challenges posed by the enemy.

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Just as like the case of the army and navy, the Air Force too is used extensively for peace keeping missions. They also play an important role during natural disasters. In fact, helicopters from the Indian Air Force become the lifeline during floods and cyclones. They are used for evacuation and for delivery of relief material, as well as aerial surveys.

Miniature air crafts in aero modeling

Join NCC in school, an entry into NCC Air wing too… to learn and design your own model of miniature air crafts in aero modeling, indeed it is a pride being a cadet of NCC incorporating hard work, leadership qualities, team work, discipline, physical fitness and patriotism.

There are different ways of joining this coveted service. There are technical, as well as non-technical opportunities. Similarly, there are options of joining after the +2 or after graduation, after NCC, etc. You can find the detailed information on the relevant online sources. You should be prepared for the strict discipline and putting in a lot of hard work, if you are looking for a successful career as an Air Force Officer.

A career in the Indian Air Force also offers you an opportunity to travel to different places, experience different cultures and make lifelong friends. At TCIS, we have designed activities that help students learn about the Indian Air Force, as well as get an insight into the career opportunities available in the Indian Armed Forces.

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