Tips to deal with a Naughty Kid

How to deal with a naughty kid? This question will always strike our mind with a bang. Yes, it is truly hard to make a naughty kid to be in a place or to make him study or to make him understand the right things…not only at home even in Schools too. Ah….! Got tired of telling this. Do you know? In some best and top Schools (CBSE) in Coimbatore, they have special fun activities to make those kids understand and cooperate. Yes, there are ways to deal with a naughty kid.

Naughtiness – A Natural Characteristic of Children:

Children are generally full of energy and are rarely found to be dull. Every child is naughty in his own way. It is often believed that this naughtiness should be completely enjoyed by the children. But at the same time, it is vital to understand that at times this mischievous behaviour turns out to be very challenging and gruelling to handle especially when we want them to study.

Discipline is the KEY

We should understand that if the mischievous behaviour is not controlled or monitored, then children may find themselves into shambles. This can have serious consequences in the development of the child in the long run.

The behaviour of an undisciplined child not only affects his/her social life but also have a big impact in the academic growth. A child without discipline would find it difficult to concentrate on the studies and may not make most of the knowledge. Making children realise the importance of discipline holds the key.

Discipline- An All-Weather Solution

Again the same question “How to deal with a naughty kid?” in another way from parents. Let take a look on it. One of the most common questions among concerned parents is ‘how can we make our child study?’ The answer to this is through discipline. Inculcating discipline among children can be a difficult task. However, we should know that disciplining naughty kids should never be about thrashing them. Thrashing or in simple words, giving harsh punishment can build pent up anger in their minds and may lead to trauma. While it can be out-to-out exasperating to deal with naughty kids, opting a friendly and positive approach is the precise way to go about it.

 Following are some simple yet most effective ways to make the naughty children study:

Avoid physical punishment

Use of physical punishment is a big NO. It can negatively affect the parent-child relationship and at the same time it can impact the social development of the child. Always remember that while physical discipline has effects on the child’s immediate behaviour, it will not teach him/her right from wrong. In a nutshell, using physical punishment should not be a solution to make a child sit and study as it can result in fear of studies.

Set forth clear consequences and expectations:

It is important to explain the child the connection between choices and consequences. How can we do this? We have to let the child know what is expected of him/her, and what will happen if they break the rules. For an example, we can tell the child that if they choose not to study, they may end up being uneducated and that would impact everything they do, including their playing time. This way they would be aware of the consequences and would help them to become responsible of their actions.

Learn the hard way:

One of the best ways to instil discipline and sense of responsibility is to let the child make mistakes. In other words, let the child learn from his/her mistakes. No matter what choices they make, each and every choice will bear some kind of consequence. Difficult as it may be, it’s important to let the child fail sometimes so that he/she can learn about consequences. This will help them to be aware and conscious of their mischievous nature.

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Remove temptations:

Another thing which needs to be taken care is to remove temptations from children. Curiosity is a natural virtue in children. It is important that they should not be surrounded by temptations when they are studying. Temptations would lead to loss of focus thus impacting their studies.

Be firm:

It is crucial that a child should know his limitations. He should know that rules are not something which he needs to adhere to only in school or in public places but in their home too. Also, it is important to note that if a child can make you change your mind just once, your ‘rules’ become something he/she can ignore.

Let the Child be ‘CHILD’:

We as adults need to be more positive and careful while dealing with children. Even though most of the children are naughty but all of them are delicate, nurture them. We need to tender them with utmost care and love but anything in excess can be harmful too. While making rules and making the child disciplined, we should not take away the basis of childhood that is innocence. Parents, teachers and adults around the children carry the responsibility of helping children to be their best selves. As said earlier thus the reason most of the top CBSE Schools in Coimbatore have created separate schedule / lesson plan to engage more the children to make them responsible and discipline. This is ofcourse is not a one day or one week job. The ways mentioned above should be practiced on day to day basis which would eventually become a habit.

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