Top Benefits of Tongue Twisters

Who doesn’t like tongue twisters? They are popular with all age groups, especially kids. Almost all of us would have experienced the fun of trying them out and fumbling and then getting them right, after repeated attempts, right from our young age. However, did you know that apart from helping you have fun, these tongue twisters, also offer other benefits? Let us check them out here.

Getting voice fit:

It is a well-known fact that you need to exercise regularly in order to keep your body fit. However, have you ever thought that you also need some kind of exercise to keep the vocal apparatus fit? As the very word says, you will be ‘twisting’ your tongue while pronouncing these tongue twisters. This will be especially good for kids, for this is the age when they are developing their language skills.

Learning right pronunciation:

Children are known to pick up languages very fast. However, what is also important is that they also learn the right pronunciation. And what better way to teach them, than through tongue twisters? Yes, they provide the ultimate combination of learning pronunciation, and at the same time have fun, which children absolutely love.

Improves concentration:

These tongue twisters, in whatever language, also help in improving concentration. This is because in order to master them, you will have to practice initially, very slowly going through the words. You will need to focus on each word carefully, which would automatically mean an improvement in the ability to concentrate.

As one of the best CBSE schools in Coimbatore, at The Camford School, our teachers have designed activities, benefits of tongue twisters are great !! It help to develop the inherent linguistic ability of kids. Children are encouraged to participate in a wide variety of events including, debates, essay competitions, skits, spell bee contests, etc., to hone and sharpen their language skills. This early learning will surely translate into success in their future, for it develops an individual’s ability to communicate and express his/her views in different contexts.

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