Back To School with all the safety measures

It’s time to School!! Happy smiles in every faces, you are probably feeling excited & the words “Back to School” sounds good & gives a very happy feel for every one. Yes, we are!! Schools awaiting children with all the safety measures taken at school premises during this pandemic.

  • 19 long months of waiting by both parents and students has finally come to an end.Both are happy to be back in school and gladly bid goodbye to distance learning.
  • Of course it is mixed feelings for many parents  this covid 19 – phobia – to send their wards to school or wait longer.
  • Wearing a mask, sanitising of hands, social distancing and skipping school in the event of any covid like symptoms is the new norm world wide.
  • Challenges always are there to test us this has been a difficult and lengthy challenging period. Every step of our life is learning, so be positive and do it right and with confidence to overcome every challenge.
  • Here at Camford we are ready and waiting for the students to start on the new normal with all covid protocols in place.
  • All teachers have been vaccinated, vigilant to identify children with the slightest symptom of flu and taking utmost care to keep the school environs free of disease and committed to create a balance between education, emotional,  social and moral values intact in the student community.
Back to School_safety measures taken at school CBSE_The Camford School Coimbatore

We will initially follow
• Online classes – Teaching and learning using technology and other tools.

• Offline schooling – The traditional schooling with enhanced health and safety precautions and procedures.

• Hybrid schooling – This includes elements of both online and offline schooling.

Safety measures and staggered return with alternate days of school for students is planned in lieu the safety of one all. Self positivity and discipline is the key to a new start and success. Life must be balanced like riding a bicycle to have and hold your balance, you must keep moving. Cheers!! We are COVID-19 free and Back to School with all the precaution safety measures taken at school.

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