Exam Stress – How to cope?

Exams can be a challenging part of a student’s life even if they are studying in one among the best CBSE Schools in Coimbatore. There […]

01 Mar, 2021  

Practical Learning Kits for kids!

Practical Learning in CBSE Schools has always been our motto for ingenious learning using practical kits makes children learn life lessons. During the pandemic, the […]

14 Feb, 2021  

Embracing the New Normal

Communication skill in school plays a major role in exchanging information. Communication: A way of Life Communication skill in school is simply the transfer of […]

08 Feb, 2021  

Butterfly effect On Kids

Education in CBSE Schools and its pedagogy has been one of the many ways in which knowledge (gaining the perspective) has been shared with kids. […]

15 Jan, 2021  

Animals-Nature’s Architects!

We humans are not the only animals that build involuted homes and other structures. The animal kingdom is abundant with talented architects. To ponder over […]

15 Dec, 2020  

MICROPLASTICS in your Belly!

We all are very much aware that plastics are found literally everywhere. From your toothbrush and your drinking glass to the packaging on your food […]

02 Dec, 2020