Be a hard worker

“With hard work you can achieve anything!” We often come across this statement in our day to day lives. Hard work is but one of […]

25 May, 2021  

Innovative Learning

“Innovative learning methods are very effective in the teaching process to engage the children in a more effective manner and to instill better behavior. When […]

20 May, 2021  

My Own Imagination

The mother of creativity and innovation is imagination. It is our imagination that gives us the confidence to dream higher. We encourage our children to […]

18 May, 2021  

Think out of the Box

The Camford International School can rightly be termed as an innovative CBSE school because it encourages its pupils to be creative and think out of […]

11 May, 2021  

Gross Motor Skills

As one of the trendsetting Activity based learning in CBSE Schools in the city of Coimbatore, The Camford School has always been a pioneer when […]

06 May, 2021  

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