Learning from mistakes

In a perfect school campus, can children make mistakes? Come to think of it. Who doesn’t make mistakes? Everyone makes them. We learn from them. […]

13 May, 2021  

Think out of the Box

The Camford International School can rightly be termed as an innovative CBSE school because it encourages its pupils to be creative and think out of […]

11 May, 2021  

Gross Motor Skills

As one of the trendsetting Activity based learning in CBSE Schools in the city of Coimbatore, The Camford School has always been a pioneer when […]

06 May, 2021  

Sports Person Talks…

Sports activities in Schools always engage students actively. We are living in an increasingly competitive world. You take any field today, there is intense competition. […]

29 Apr, 2021  

Self Esteem

Human life is forever  confronted with this eternal dilemma of what you are and what others think you are. The best CBSE schools aim to […]

27 Apr, 2021  

Team spirit of Camfordians

Along with the academic proficiency best quality CBSE School in Coimbatore enhances and strengthens the social character in children too. Always we believe that high […]

15 Apr, 2021